Design Competition

Bring Back Brookes Jetty Inc. is hosting a design competition to further explore options for the site. There is a $5000 prize for the best design, known as the Leighton Prize.

Competition Brief and Conditions

Competition Package

To register your interest, and for inquiries, further information and entries please email. Registration is not required until your entry is submitted however if you wish to receive notice of competition updates should they occur then please leave your details with us here.


Melbourne Water has announced that the storm water outlet is no longer structurally sound and that they will rebuild it. They have proposed three design options for community consultation. Brookes Jetty Committee is one of the consultation participants and have informed Melbourne Water that the round option is preferred and that a newly built drain should accommodate the connection of a jetty . Final selection of a preferred option may not be made before the competition deadline.

Competition participants are not obliged to follow any of these design proposals. Melbourne Water have stated that they will take into consideration the results of the Brookes Jetty Competition.

We apologise for the lack of certainty on this matter. Bring Back Brookes Jetty Committee and Melbourne Water are two separate organisations, one with the objective of building a jetty, the other with building a storm water outlet.